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TBD Biology Village

This is our big projects and we would like to establish and start with your donation..

From oral rehydration therapy to vaccination, antiretroviral drugs and insecticide-treated bednets, the fruits of biomedical innovation are saving millions of children’s lives each year.

These successful interventions generally derive from a straightforward strategy of innovation: Target a single disease or risk factor by inventing a device or drug to fight it. To successfully mobilize science to help more children survive and thrive – especially those who do not have access to current ‘solutions’ – we need to change how we innovate by moving out of the laboratory and working more fully with resources, people and challenges in the real world.

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Account Owner: Turkiye Biyologlar Dernegi

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Account Owner: Turkiye Biyologlar Dernegi

Our dream

The mission of the TBD Biology Village   is to provide Nature Education to the children of the  area and to improve their quality of life through outreach.

With the support of you, TBD and other volunteers, colleagues and friends, the buildings have been completed, furniture built, supplies shipped, teachers hired, children registered, and village opened on September 16th, 2024 for 90 students ages 4 through 10.

In the process the village and the surrounding area has been mobilized to produce enough food to sustain themselves, and inspired to develop their own leadership and community efforts.

Village children in Turkiye have joined in collecting supplies for the villagel and communicating with the village children through photos and drawings. Pastors and teachers are beginning to form friendships between schools and village.

The effect of the new village is exceeding the dream and the possibilities are expanding beyond expectations.

Our Clients

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